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Today I ventured out to the Teatro de Opera to see about getting tickets to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra which will be performing here on Monday. While walking to the Metro, I stumbled onto a traffic accident between a bus and a car. Luckily no one appeared to be hurt. There are so many cars, motorbikes, buses and pedestrians all jockeying for space on the roads;  accidents and dented cars seem to be part of the way of life here.

I scored tickets for Monday for the Symphony and we will be in the first row. It’s a good thing I didn’t convert the euros to dollars when buying the tickets! As Michael says, “Go BIG or stay at home!” The last time I saw the Chicago Symphony was at the Opera House in Chicago, many, many years ago when I lived there.

After purchasing tickets, I meandered down Via Nazionale (window shopping, of course!) to Piazza Venezia where the Vittorio Emanuele Monument sits. It began to be built in the late 1800’s in honor of the first king of Italy, and is often referred to as “the wedding cake” due to it’s monsterous size and the fact that it’s white against the backdrop of golden hues of the rest of Roman buildings. I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then wandered inside the museum which chronicles the fight for independence of Italy and showcases the founders of the country. There is a lovely terrace that surrounds the building with a cafe, where I sat for a glass of wine while taking in the surrounding views.

I was struck again on the way home by how amazing Rome is. Everywhere you look there are ruins, showcasing a part of ancient history. It seems it would take at least a lifetime of living here to not only understand it all, but also to see it all.

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