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The gift of a visit

When you live in an amazing place, you can sometimes take the amazingness of it all for granted. It’s not that you don’t notice things around you, or pause for moments of gratitude when you remember how lucky you are to be where you are, in the present. It’s just in the day to day, when you find yourself caught up in the momentary struggles, you can forget to be grateful and amazed. We had friends spend the weekend with us and not only did we have fun, but we got to enjoy Rome and our life here from a fresh perspective, again.

I was delighted to see the Coloseum at sunset. I noticed that two of the walls inside the Pantheon are different than the rest; not covered in marble, but just bare bricks. I took our friends to a lovely small leather shop and felt the joy of turning on someone new to the beautiful and simple bracelets there.

I saw a seal in the ground in St. Peters Square where if you stand and look at the building in front of you, the columns seem to disappear. I got lost for a few moments, and remembered the maze that is the City Center. I introduced our visiting friends to our Roman friends and was reminded that we’ve created a “family” of friends  for ourselves here, in a relatively short time. My tastebuds got delighted again over a lovely dinner at MOMA.

So here’s to friends, old and new, and the joy they help us to remember. Thanks Kathy and Ken; travel safely.

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