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Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre

The Pompidou Centre

While in Paris, I decided to visit the Pompidou Centre and it’s collection of modern art.

The Centre was conceived during the 1960s and opened in 1977. It is the largest museum of modern art in Europe. The Centre also houses the Bibliotheque Publique d’Information, a vast public library and IRCAM, a centre for music and acoustic research. After an international design competition, the first time in France that architects of other nationalities were able to participate, the team of Italians Renzo Piano and Gianfranco Franchini, and Richard Rogers, a Brit were chosen to design the unusual structure. Initially, all of the functional structural elements of the building were color coded and the design was heralded for revolutionizing public museums by it’s design.

During my visit, there was a special exhibit of Salvador Dali’s work, including paintings, sculpture and multi media works. The lines were quite long, but I braved them, sort of, to see the exhibit. Okay, actually, by the time I was at the actual exhibit line, it was the third line, I had patiently waited in for well over an hour. Generally, I’m not well known for my patience! While standing in the final line to the exhibit, I noticed that there was another special exhibit taking place of works by Eileen Gray and no one in that line. Sadly, I decided not to continue to wait, to forgo seeing the Dali exhibit, and I went to see the Gray exhibit instead. When I came out of the Gray exhibit, I had to use the bathroom. After I exited the bathroom, I saw that, lo and behold, the entrance to the Dali exhibit was right in front of me and the line was quite some distance away. And so I walked up to the ticket taker and presented my ticket for the exhibit. Tada! I was in.IMG_4084

It was forbidden to take photos of many of the pieces on display, but I tried to capture as many of the allowable ones as I could. (See, I don’t ALWAYS bend the rules!) The first few photos are of the outside of the Pompidou Centre and then the inside. Following are a few photos of the views of Paris from the top floor. Next comes the Dali exhibit. And at the end of the slide show are 10 additional photos of other art in the Centre. I hope you enjoy the slide show.

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