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Scenes from a National Strike

There was a national strike held today in all of Italy. I first learned about it from Un’Americana a Roma when her post hit my inbox this morning. I next checked out the website, Wanted in Rome, which filled me in on more of the details, as you can see below:

“A national general strike on Friday 18 October will involve a major protest in Rome by trade unions COBAS, CUB and USB, whose members are calling for the renewal of contracts, an increase in wages and pensions and the reduction of working time, as well as protesting against austerity policies in Italy and Europe. Protesters will march from Piazza della Repubblica at 10.00, making their way to Piazza S. Giovanni where a rally begins at 14.00.  Rome’s transport company ATAC has scheduled a 24-hour public transport strike on the same day, from 08.30 to 17.00 and from 20.00 to end of service. The strike affects Rome’s buses, trams and light rail services Roma-Lido, Roma-Giardinetti and Roma-Civitacastellana-Viterbo, as well as suburban bus services operated by Roma Tpl. However Rome’s metro lines will run as normal that day, from 05.30 until 01.30. A previously scheduled metro stike that evening was cancelled following intervention from the city’s mayor Ignazio Marino.”

While sitting at my desk this afternoon I started to hear hovering helicopters and decided to venture out with my cell phone to capture some photos of the rally, which was just up the street from our flat in Piazza San Giovanni.

Here you can see the Carabinieri (federal police) , decked out in full riot gear, on alert, chatting with each other and watching traffic:

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There were Tshirts for sale…

No revolution is complete with out a nap in the sun, a cold beer and a street person begging…

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I’m not sure it all accomplished much except to further disrupt an already disrupted and chaotic place! Viva Italia!

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