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One of the most frustrating things about living in Italy is not speaking or understanding the language. The second most frustrating thing is trying to find information that’s understandable about what’s going on in Rome.

There’s a festival nearby in Circo Massimo, that we went by yesterday on our way home while on the bus. So we decided we would try to find out what it was and go today. I’ve located several websites that supposedly tell you what’s going on around town, but they can sometimes be not so helpful or informative. is such a site that at least tries, as it has a translator on it’s website. Here is what the translation says though about this festival:

Campagna Amica Foundation, with event “Best of Italy” wants to open the doors of our agriculture, therefore, the real Made in Italy throughout Italy from the City of Rome. In a historical context unique in the world, the arena of the Circus Maximus you tell consumers the true value of agricultural production Italian, through their stages. food, territory, know-how, local traditions, in other words, “Campagna Amica” is an answer to the food and cultural globalization imposes.


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