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Ahhh, Italia!

Today’s posting contains random tidbits…

San Vitale Church

I’ve walked by this chiesa dozens of times and FINALLY went inside. It sits below street level on Via Nazionale. It was originally built in 400. The portico is the oldest remaining part, from the 5th century. The interior walls are painted to look like they contain pillars and framed art. It’s been renovated 4 times, most recently in the 1960s. Simply amazing.


Carnival – Carnavale…It’s very popular here. In places like Venice, there are big costume balls where people dress up like they are still living in the 17th century, in France. Here in Rome it was days on end of confetti covering the sidewalks; kids dressed in costumes like it’s Halloween; police bands; men in military uniforms riding horses in Piazza Popolo; people on stilts; lots of drum corps and flag waiving and a seemingly never ending Renaissance festival. We got one good party out of it on Fat Tuesday with Internations. Whew! I’m glad it’s finally over.

Corner Street Vendor

There’s a corner that I pass everyday on the way to the gym, the butcher, the green grocer and the supermarket. Each day of the week, a different vendor sets up shop on the corner and sells their wares. Women’s clothing, tabletop items, underware, lingerie. LINGERIE? on the street corner? How do you try it on?

Italian and Vatican Politics

And God said...

And God said…

Ok, first Il Papa. He resigned. You all know this by now. Supposedly for health reasons and because he’s old, but we also know there were a number of scandals during his Papacy. There’s a lot of both truth and rumors out there and now a Conclave to elect the new Pope. I just can’t figure out why he did it in the middle of the Holy season. He couldn’t have waited until after Easter?

on a store window

on a store window

Italian national elections are next weekend, the 24th and 25th. Monti, the current prime minister was forced to call for elections after only one year in office because Silvio Berlusconi’s party withdrew support. Berlusconi is actually running AGAIN, and is projected to win. He’s a convicted criminal who has also been involved in innumerable sex scandals while previously in office. I’m sorry, but there is something seriously wrong with this country and it’s people if they reelect him.

Living la dolce vita is one thing. But really?? Somedays I just don’t get it.

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