A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

A few more things!

Michael at our Metro stop

Michael at our Metro stop

It’s our last day in Roma and I was reminded of a few more things I’ll miss:

*Kissing on both cheeks to say hello and goodbye.

*The incredibly tasty gelato at Procopia in Re di Roma.

*Being able to pop next door to Susan’s Rome apartment.

In the waining hours of this part of our adventure, it’s comforting to remember…

All roads lead to Rome!

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One thought on “A few more things!

  1. Suzanne & Tom on said:

    Ciao to you both….We will still give you “kisses” on both cheeks. It’s truly so Italian and European!!!

    Yes, all roads lead to Roma so I know you and Michael will return to that magical citta. I still miss the food, wine, ability to buy the freshest of verdure (vegetables), frutta, (fruit) and meat. Tommaso and I miss our friends in Tuscany, we Skype them every month. It does keep us in touch with special friends.

    I did find at AJ’s an Olive Oil from Sicily. The olives are grown, picked, packed and shipped to the US. The flavor is very close to Tuscan olive oil and very favorable in sauces, etc.

    We look forward to seeing you once you are settled in Scottsdale. I will probably see you at work. I’m usually at the hospital Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, visiting with the post op patients.

    Ciao mia amiche,
    Susanna e Tommaso

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