A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

What do you say, when you don’t really have anything to say?

IMG_4405It’s the bain of most writers and bloggers existence. What do you write about when you feel like you don’t have anything that interesting to say? Nothing witty, nothing spectacular, let alone earth shattering. Yet, I feel the desire to write. I want to stay in touch. So, here goes…

We went to an apertivo (happy hour) a few weeks ago for the American International Club of Rome. Monthly they do a mixer that’s open to non-members. We saw our Danish friend, Louise there, who mentioned that her birthday was the following week. After the mixer, a few of us were eating burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe when the idea of a party started brewing and the next thing I knew, we’d agreed to host a soiree at our flat the following Saturday night.

We invited maybe 40 people we knew and about 15 said they’d be able to make it. Lots of people had plans to be out of town and there was also an Internations wine tour in Umbria that day, so some people were already signed up for that and didn’t think they’d be able to get to our place afterwards. Understandable. It turned out we ended up with about 40 people anyway, some friends having invited other friends to come. I didn’t know maybe half the people, but they all turned out to be really nice and gracious guests. Four women arrived who were friends of a friend, and they brought with them three huge containers of homemade gelato from one of the women’s family gelateria in Frascati, and a magnum of wine. Guests like that are always welcome! The party was fun, a good time was had by all, only one drink got spilled (of course it was red wine!) and next time I’ll hire someone to help during the party so I have more time to socialize.

I’ve been hanging out during the day with my American girlfriends, Mitzi and Suzanne. We go to lunch, mostly window shop, meet for drinks. We went to a yoga class together. We go to museum exhibits. We had a spa day using a Groupon. Mitzi is going to be moving up north near Verona at the end of next month, as her husband got a better job up there. His family is there, the cost of living is much lower and they won’t be draining their savings, which is the case living in Roma. We’re aware that time is running out for hanging out, so we’re trying to get as much of it in as we can manage. Next week we’re going to meet for a cookie baking afternoon with their girls.

Another spa day is coming up. We’re going to visit the Italian Parliment building with the women’s group we belong to. The two of them have been lifesavers for me here, and I know we will be lifelong friends.

I’ve taken a few photos lately, while I’ve been out and about. Interesting people, a cool building, a surprisingly dirty and deserted street.

Well, the sun’s finally out a bit and it’s stopped raining, for the moment, at least. I’d better get to the palestra (gym) while I can. Hmm… I guess I did find something to write about! Thanks for coming along.

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2 thoughts on “What do you say, when you don’t really have anything to say?

  1. Hi,
    I enjoy your blog, it makes me feel as though I would like to join the women’s group if possible. I am here in Umbria for 3months at a time and would love to meet some more women who aren’t too far away. We are leaving soon having had our 3 months but will be back in late August. thanks, Janina

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