A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Mama mia! How time flies!

At the Culinary Festival in Scottsdale, AZ

At the Culinary Festival in Scottsdale, AZ

Life just seems to get away from me sometimes. It’s been awhile again since I wrote…so a brief update.

We went to the US for 2.5 weeks at the end of March to mid April for Michael’s daughter’s and niece’s weddings. We had a wonderful time catching up with friends and family in Colorado and Arizona. Lots of running around…doctor appointments, teeth cleanings, shopping for supplies to bring back to Roma, eating at favorite restaurants, driving, driving, driving. I’m always struck when we go back to the US how much time we spend in the car getting from here to there. I guess when I think about it though, I spend as much time in Roma on foot, on the Metro and in a bus, but somehow it seems different.

Since we came back to Roma, we hit the ground running. Michael’s back into the thick of things at work and there are likely to be a few trips in the coming months that I’ll get to attach my coat tails to and tag along. There’s a Tuscan spa trip in mid June and maybe an international trip prior to that. We have plans to return to Umbria to Fondo le Teglie, our friend Susan’s villa, and to attend the Umbrian Jazz Festival where we have tickets to see Diana Krall this summer. We’re hoping to get a trip to Barcelona into the mix too.

At the sea outside of Rome

At the sea outside of Rome

We have been attending Internations events, including a great party that featured 70’s and 80’s music where we got to dress silly and dance the night away. We went to see a wonderful exhibit of fashion photographer, Helmut Newton’s work, White Women/Sleepless Nights/Big Nudes at the Palazzo della Esposizioni. The weather has gotten warmer and we started going to the sea (beach) outside of Rome last weekend. I finally found an local accupuncturist and a source for Chinese herbs. I even have a small, very part time job helping a fellow expat, Elizabeth Wahn, market her book for tweens, Lindsey and the Jedgar (which is available on

There was a celebration of Rome’s birthday, complete with a parade, costumes and an enactment of something we couldn’t understand at Circo Massimo last weekend. We keep meeting more people, making new friends, and I can’t help myself from sometimes anticipating the sadness I’ll feel when the time comes to leave these new found friendships and my new home.

We don’t have an update yet on our next step…so in the meantime, viva la Roma!

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One thought on “Mama mia! How time flies!

  1. Tom & Suzanne Smith on said:

    Your time in Roma sounds so wonderful, especially with your new friends and the opportunity to explore and celebrate in that beautiful citta. The seaside must be lovely at this time of the year!!!

    Keep in touch, ci vediamo, Suzanne e Tom

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