A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Long time…no speak

Sorry, friends!

I haven’t written during the past week. We moved to a new, more fabulous flat over the previous weekend and on Monday of this week. Packing, unpacking. Rearranging, decorating. It’s the 3rd move since we came to Rome and if you count the 2 moves in Arizona (cleaning out the Sedona house to make room for the stuff from the Phoenix house and then the stuff from Phoenix to Sedona), it’s been 5 moves in 7 months. Whew! No wonder I’m tired.

The new flat is lovely and spacious, so it’s been worth it. I did manage to do a bit of sightseeing over the weekend, and I promise to share that with you this coming week. I’ve also got some fun activities ahead this week too that I’ll write about, so stay tuned!

Until the next post, here’s a few photos of our new digs.


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3 thoughts on “Long time…no speak

  1. Lynn Guardino on said:

    Lovely! Aren’t you glad to have the move over-with so that you can now get ready for the new season and for the holiday season in Rome? Enjoy each and every day.
    A presto!

  2. Jeanne on said:

    Nice digs, Gerrie! i’M GLAD YOU ARE IN A ROOMIER PLACE. Now I need to come visit you . Ang and I are going to France and maybe Rome, but decided not to go until September go 2013. If you are still there, we definitely want to check in with you. Everything is fine here. Nothing exciting, but hanging in … love you muchly, jeanne say hi to Michael and give him kisses for me/

  3. Malinda on said:

    Wow! You really know how to move!
    The place looks cozy and settled in. I would never knw you just moved in.
    I loved peeking into your apartment. Hopefully, I will live there someday.

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