A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Going Up?

Most of the elevators I’ve seen while living in Italy have little resemblance to elevators in the States except for the fact that in theory, they can transport people and things up and down the floors in a building. The first time I remember seeing such an elevator was last summer when we were visiting Venice. I took one look at it and said, “No thanks! I’ll take the stairs.” And did.

Elevators here tend to be very small. They have a big heavy door that you open first, and then another set of doors that open into the elevator. You must close the big heavy door and then close the second set of doors before the elevator will move.

In order to close the smaller doors, one often has to rearrange the stuff you’ve brought with you into the elevator. If your stuff is in the way, you can’t close the doors. Once you reach your destination, you must again rearrange the elevator’s contents in order to open the doors on the other side of the elevator so you can get out. Yes, some elevators have  a door in and another door on the opposite side to get out. It too, has two sets of doors, ones that open into the elevator and then the big heavy door that leads out.

The elevator in our current apartment building holds 4 people. So how does one move anything larger than 4 people? You carry it up the stairs, or use a large outdoor device like the one below, and bring things in through the windows.

Hmmm…seems there could be a better way.


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One thought on “Going Up?

  1. trying to get a wheelchair in the elevators is almost impossible not only in Italy but also England.

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