A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Chicago Symphony Orchestra in Roma

CSO warming up

We had the great fortune earlier this week on Monday to see the world renown Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) perform at the Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma. Ricardo Muti, CSO conductor since 2010 and the 10th conductor in the history of the CSO, is a native of Napoli. He has built an incredibly distinguished career in over 40 years, having conducted most of the important orchestras in the world. He is an honorary director for life at the Teatro dell’ Opera and continues to conduct operas there while director of the CSO.

I saw the CSO perform at Orchestra Hall and on the lawn of Ravinia in Highland Park, while living in Chicago many years ago. When I saw a poster in the Metro for the performance on Monday, I could not resist! Michael had not been to the symphony before, so I was excited to introduce him to this luscious art form.

We had dinner at Target restaurant near Piazza Republica prior to the concert. As we approached the Teatro, we saw a new shiny car, I think it was a new model Fiat, being shown off in the area in front of the Teatro. We stopped to admire it and struck up a conversation with Judy Harris, a well-known journalist who has lived in Rome for the past 50 years with her husband, a correspondent for the BBC. We watched as the Mayor of Rome entered, followed by paparazzi. We had front row seats, which were great for watching Mr. Muti conduct, but not so good for seeing the entire orchestra.

The performance was wonderful and the experience of being in the Teatro and seeing the CSO again, even more so!

Inside the Teatro dell' Opera

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