A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Crazy for Glasses

Rita, Dorina and Michael at Ottica Efrati

We first noticed them on our previous trip to Italy, when we visited Venice for the Biannale last summer. Everywhere we looked we saw another pair of really cool eye glasses. Everyone seemed to have them, each pair more fabulous than the previous pair; worn to be expressive, to show off your glasses and your personality. We found ourselves stopping people on the streets to ask them where they bought their frames.

In the States, especially if you live outside of New York, people who have to wear eyeglasses tend to have a fairly utilitarian attitude about their glasses. If you need your glasses to see all the time, you tend to have one pair which you wear all the time and they are usually not too flashy. I remember my dear friend Susan, who wears glasses all the time, last year had bought 2 pairs, so she could have a choice of which pair to wear, and this seemed not only radical but extravagant. I’ve known people who wear only reading glasses, the kind you can buy at the drugstore, and because they are inexpensive, they may have a few pairs and go a little “crazy” buying fun frames.

While in Venice last year, Michael and I each bought a new pair of frames, what we perceived to be “wild”, Italian style eyewear that POPS! off your face.  I have been wearing my green glasses a lot at home, and I get a lot of compliments on them. It’s fun.

One day while shopping on Via de Corso, we wandered into Ottica Efrati (you can follow them on Facebook) and Michael found a pair of translucent orange frames that he had to have. We made friends with the women who work there, Dorati and Rita, and they were very kind and helpful. Then during our visit to Capri, we continued to find ourselves in eyeglass shops, captivated by the fancy frames. Michael found a cool pair of black glasses that look like they are “upside down” and I found a fabulous pair of Fendi frames that have Swarovski crystals embedded all around. As a woman who loves sparkly things, I felt like I was in Heaven!  They we came upon CapriPeople, famous for their version of the currently popular round style of frames, and I had to have those too! I also bought another pair of really cool blue glasses that will likely become my new reading glasses once we are home.

Each new pair has found their way to Ottica Efrati (one week I was there 4 times!) to have lenses made and put in our new stylish frames. Their service has been quick, sweet and we would highly recommend visiting their shop when you are in Rome.

We are hoping our eyeglass obsession ends soon…or at least doesn’t become say, a shoe obsession….


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One thought on “Crazy for Glasses

  1. Lynn Gillis on said:

    only to be perfectly complimented by the stylish scarves 🙂

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