A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Metro Strike

As I mentioned in my last posting, there was a planned strike of the transportation systems in Roma on Friday. The Metro only ran in the early morning and late afternoon, so people could get to and from work. Our friend and Michael’s co-worker Feddie told us that only one tenth of the normal service was running that day. He lives in Ostia, 50 km from the office in Cinicetta and it normally takes him one hour to get the work. Friday it took him 2 hours. Michael wasn’t feeling well, so he worked from home, and I stayed in our neighborhood and did not use public transportation.

We were awoken in the morning to lots of noise outside our bedroom window, horns honking and sirens howling. Normally there isn’t much traffic on our street,  but there was on Friday. The cleaning people were supposed to come and couldn’t get here due to the amount of traffic in the city.

We hear they will strike again next week. I hope it’s a day when we don’t have to go anywhere.

I was able to upload the short video I made outside our flat window to Facebook. The link is below.


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