A couple of Phoenicians living temporarily in Roma

Via Cola di Renzo

I ventured out today by bus to a recommended shopping area, Via Cola di Renzo, which runs next to the Vatican between Piazza Risorgimento and the Tiber River. To get there I walked a short distance from our flat and took the 81 Bus. The Roman bus system is quite amazing. The buses are often so full one is packed like a sardine; it’s usually smelling of either diesel fuel or body order; and it’s so far guaranteed to be very hot inside. When one’s not packed like a sardine, it can be a great way to travel around the city.

Today, I encountered masses of people heading to and from the Vatican; an open air market selling shoes, jewelry and other chotchkes; a food market; street side vendors selling inexpensive clothing, purses and belts; and a few good clothing stores where I picked up a few new shirts. Having come to Rome with a just a few suitcases, after a month, I’ve grown tired of wearing the same 4 shirts.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of window shopping here, as most Romans do. There are zillions of clothing shops, all selling the latest fashions. This season, all the tops for women are very big and loosely structured. For someone of small stature, this seems ridiculous. Why would I want to look fatter than I am? So just to be sure this wasn’t just an Italian fad, I went online the other day to, where I do some shopping while at home. And sure enough, big blousey tops are the fashion at home too. So I succumbed to the style and bought a few. Now I just need to get more hangers! Michael keeps reminding me that what I buy here has to somehow get home in the few suitcases we brought with us. I’m thinking of shipping when the time comes, not schlepping!


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2 thoughts on “Via Cola di Renzo

  1. us slightly larger girls are loving the blousely look this spring…very forgiving! and who knows, after many months of pasta eating, you might think so too..HA!

  2. Eva Zeidner on said:

    The big tops are “in” and I have a number of them in my line. I’m not too happy about it either as I think I look much better in tailored, fitted clothing. Don’t want to go back to that 90’s oversized thing we used to do. Look for t-shirts made of structured, drapey fabrics like silk. They tend to be flattering.

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